To Riddles

To a boy who taught me the value of human life.

To a boy who puts it all in perspective.

To a boy who makes me a better theologian.

To a miracle.

I remember thinking that this day last year was the worst day of my life. It was hard. But look at us now!

Happy Birthday. I love you.



Halloween Compare

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2011!


First Halloween

When you have a bald baby boy, thin as a rail, with a huge head … do you really have a choice? His costume seemed like a no-brainer to me.


Batched Patch Photo Session

You know those bloggers who post picture-perfect smiling (never-snotty) children and groomed Brittany Spaniels next to a bible verse? And you get annoyed because you are like “who is that perfect.”? But you keep reading?

Enter our family’s pumpkin patch photos! I had grand hopes of recreating the 2010 patch photo shoot – this time with a smiling baby in a “picture-perfect” shot. But Riddles did not have that in mind. You will not be annoyed by these family photos. Let’s take a tour, shall we?

Riddles! Riddles! It’s time to take pictures!

Oh good job! You looked up! But mom wasn’t ready. Let’s try again.

There is a pumpkin on your head – look up at it, kid!

Look two pumpkins – now let’s smile!

TWO PUMPKINS. THAT’S FUNNY. Only funny to mom? OK. Moving on.

Yeah, mom looks great here.

Look at the camera, Riddles!

Why so … suspicious?

No really, what is over there? This is the best pic we got. Not bad.

(Patch 2010)


For “AnAppleaDay”

Here’s Riddles looking through an apple slice by the stem that came out with a perfect little circle. He thought it was funny. This is for you AnAppleaDay.

Riddles is the apple of my eye.

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Eleven Months

Ridley turned from 10 to 11 months on 10-11-11.

These photo shoots are getting harder and harder.


Riddles’ Tribute

“To infinity and beyond!”

Thank you, Steve Jobs.








Riddles as Steve Jobs (at four weeks old)

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Famous Last Words

“Sorry, but it’s too late for you to take a nap. You missed your chance, Riddles!” – Husbanks


... five minutes later …



The Best Baby Gift Ever

So … when you round a corner and see me do you burst into laughter?

Thanks for the walker, Keri!


Ten Years Ago Today

Ten years ago today was my first date with Husbanks. The date where he gave me a power bar wrapper (still framed in our house).

Today I am wearing the shirt I wore on our first date (I need new clothes?).

Per your request, I’ve been reading through the emails he and I sent to each other one decade ago. They make me blush. So much so that I will not be posting them. Sorry.

I love that they are electronic. A couple in our church lost their home in the fire. In that blaze they lost all the letters they had kept. I’d be sad to lose these.

It’s like reading someone else’s love story. I have NO recollection of the over-the-top cheesy romance that we shared. I read each email, wishing it were me that this gentleman was writing kind things to. Then I remember that it is. And that he still is in my life. What a neat gift, dear blog reader.

Either a neat gift or a red flag that Husbanks and I need to say nicer things to each other.

Thank you for your request to read these emails because I am so enjoying the rediscovery!

Don’t forget to say nice things to each other.