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You Two Are Lazy.


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Now THAT Is a Beautiful Dog!


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I Did It Wrong: Summer Cut

Well, we’re in a drought. I’m used to seeing three digits on my car thermometer. I think “ah, it’s cool” when it’s 93.

I’m used to avoiding the outdoors from noon until midnight. It rained for 10 seconds a couple weeks ago and it scared me.

Anyway, a heat wave is no place for a fluffy kitty. Husbanks and I knew it was time to take Martin to the groomers.

Martin’s summer cut last year was hilarious …

Summer Cut 2010

It was funny, but he still looked distinguished.

Not this year. I really Delilahed this one. Because of the extreme heat, I ordered more shave. The cut I ordered this year is so ugly, it even takes the beautiful Martin down with it. I mean … what is that poodle tail?

Summer Cut 2011

Why is there a rat on my table?

Sorry, Martin. Consider this your “bad perm in 7th grade” phase or something. An awkward phase builds character.

In related hair news, Riddles has some hair!

Respect the spike.


Martin LOL

And this one is dedicated to Road Warriorette:


Favorite Pics: Busted

This morning, we gave Riddles rice cereal for the first time. Notice who tried to get to Ryan’s milky cereal bowl while we were all paying attention to the baby. Caught on camera!


Actual “Cat Burglar”

The security camera footage is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Thanks, Johanna!


Ridley’s First Snow

While Ridley was indifferent to the snow, Hollis met the snow with his usual reckless enthusiasm.

Martin was confused by the snow, so he got in Hollis’ crate.

Ridley, here’s a picture of your first snow on your first home:

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Favorite Pics: Wait, I am Confused. What Is Your Name?


Three Years with Martin Luther the Cat

Today marks the three year anniversary that Martin came into our lives!

Martin was in a litter of rescued kittens named Peter, Paul, and Mary (a sign) until it was discovered that Paul was a girl. Then the trio became Peter, Pauline, and Mary (this is important later).

Martin, because you have been with us for three years, we believe you are mature enough for these confessions:

1. We thought your sister, Mary, was the cutest in the litter. But I wanted a boy cat, so we brought you home.

2. We thought you were a short-haired cat. We would have never brought you home had we known that you’d grow to be a 15 lb. beast, covered – COVERED – in hair.

Martin as a Kitten with What Appears to be Short Hair

3.When we brought you home, I freaked out because you and Hollis hated each other. I tried to convince Husbanks that we needed to take you back. Husbanks talked me out of it. So did Ginny, who gave me great tips on how Clyde (cat) and Pinky (dog) got along. I ALMOST RETURNED YOU. It’s very hard to type that.

4. You are the best cat I have ever had. That’s no confession. You know that.

We love you, Martin!

Party Train


Pump Cats

Do you know the site Boozecats? It’s a site where people submit images of themselves holding alcoholic drinks. The pictures are made family-friendly by replacing the adult beverages with kittens. Who doesn’t like pictures of people holding kittens?

I realized that many of my favorite pictures of Ridley are ruined because there is a shot of my breast pump in the background. I fixed that today.

Happy Friday!