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The Life Cycle of a Female Blogger

Bloggers who blog about day-to-day life start out excited. They write cute posts, elaborate on how wonderful their husbands are, and complain about their lives (in a way that is really bragging). Then, they get punchy. They share their opinions on the world. Next, they realize that opinions are one-dimensional because it’s hard to have a conversation on a computer screen, so they add fluffy posts. Look at my dog! I like chocolate! Over time, they figure out their blogger voice. Then they have children. They stop posting save the additional picture of their baby. Partially because they are busy, but mostly because their life has changed tremendously and they cannot figure out how to put that into words. So it goes – their blog remains forever on a date long past with a picture of a baby who is now in school and could type a blog of their own. On friends’ blogger blog rolls their once-active page is listed at the bottom as “updated 1 years ago.”

I don’t know what 2012 will bring. Will Hil Street continue beyond 2011? Remains to be seen. Seems to me I am following this blog life cycle and going down the path of the blog frozen in time. In the list of blog-cycle activities I have listed, leaving it is next. What I do know is that writing this open diary has been a blessing. It was cathartic for me through lots of life changes – death, birth, illness, career, seminary. And I know it made you laugh – even out loud, I’ve been told. Who knows what is next?

Blessings to you in 2012!



This is Husbanks’ Child




Predictability, Walking, and Husbanks

Riddles started walking at a year. Congrats Riddles!

Husbanks, predictably, has already given him a putter.

While I roll my eyes when I imagine myself saying, “My son had a golf club when he was one,” Husbanks’ love for the game is pretty endearing. And golf is a good hobby to love. He’s not teaching Riddles to steal cars or abuse women or anything.

Why did I go there? Weird jump, Hil.



Now THAT Is a Beautiful Dog!


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