Rid Stats #7

Half of a year! Oh my.

At six months …

    • Riddles is still tall and skinny. With a big head. My dad was a tall, skinny, smart man. Maybe Riddles is shaping up to be like his namesake.
    • Riddles is laid-back and good-looking like Husbanks. Maybe this means the world will be good to him.
    • Riddles started to go to school this month. So far, it’s been great. 
    • Riddles started eating from a spoon. And now with sippy cups in the mix, Hil is constantly washing dishes.
    • We survived our first bad cold with a bulb syringe, Tylenol, and saline grace and style.
    • Riddles started to suck his thumb.
    • I enjoy Riddles’ company. I am surprised by the rewarding and fulfilling friendship I have with someone who remembers less than my dog does. In Riddles’ defense, we have a really smart dog.
    • We accidentally removed Sarah’s blanket from the six month picture!
    • Husbanks and I each have a favorite picture from the six month photo shoot. We are at odds. So … you decide which becomes the official six month picture. Vote here.

  1. #1 by Sarah on May 19, 2011 - 9:41 am

    While I love the “Power to the Babies” action shot, photo #1 illustrates bullet #2 to a T.

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