Technomom Update …

My mother has taken the “no” out of Technomom.

On Saturday, August 28, Technomom purchased a laptop. I feel like the Curse of the Bambino is over. And a bit of me is sad, because my mom’s shunning of technology and the fact that she has never owned a computer was an amazing statistic. Now, after the initial rejoicing, my mother and the Boston Red Sox don’t have anything eerie that sets them apart.

Here are the laptop set-up highlights:

  • When I asked her to “x out of the screen” she pressed the top right corner of the … screen. Like, she pressed on it with her finger.
  • You can’t tell her to “click” or “right click” on the mouse. You have to say “press your pointer finger twice” or “press your middle finger.”
  • Have you ever tried to explain what an underscore is to someone who knows nothing about computers? That was hard.
  • She said she couldn’t wait to get “in line”
  • I set a shortcut to “help” on her desktop. She asked if that was the button to click that would call me.
  • She has sent two emails, created and renamed folders, and downloaded attachments!

Welcome to my blog, Mom. Here is another post all about you (Click on the underlined words. Click with your mouse.).

Let’s see how long it takes you to comment …

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