My Sixth NIWeek

My hobbies are low-tech. When I have free time, I’m not thinking about the latest inventions or watching the Discovery Channel. I consider the nature of God. I jog with my border collie. I cuddle with my cat. I decorate my nursery. I call my mom.

But every workday, I’m a techie. I know I am not alone in this dichotomy.

This week is my sixth NIWeek. And while I am not an engineer, the PR Team’s work with the press results in articles and blog posts and Tweets from technology journalists. This coverage gets engineers excited about the energy of NIWeek.

Engineers make our stuff, dudes. So I am glad they are excited. Because I like it when my stuff works.

Wish us a happy NIWeek! Dr. Kaku is coming to speak and he’s on TV. Ooooohhhh. Aaaaaaahhh.

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