Finding Your Voice

This week, we’ll head to Corpus Christi for the United Methodist Southwest Texas Annual Conference. There, we’ll say goodbye to our current Senior Pastor and we will say hello to our new one. Ah, all part of being Methodist. You say goodbye, I say hello.

The first time Husbanks visited Saint John’s, he heard one of the pastors singing a folk tune with an acoustic guitar. That beautiful voice was David’s.

David and his wife (also a previous Senior Pastor of ours) are some of our close friends. David lead the church band, The Gospel Birds, and I learned a lot about myself during those three years we were a band. In high school and college, I enjoyed participating in school musicals and vocal ensembles. In musical theater, you try to make your singing voice sound like someone elses – like how the character you are studying would sound. My voice was always too low for many of the roles I wanted to play. Trust me, I’ve been asked to sing tenor on more than one occasion. I knew this was why I wasn’t ever going to be a great singer – I just wasn’t built for it. Enter: David.

David introduced me to recordings of soulful women who never sang above an E. David gave me folk and gospel solos and changed the key until I felt comfortable. It wasn’t until singing with David that I learned my voice is fine the way it is. I don’t need to sound like anyone but me. And he let me do that.

This sounds silly I am sure, but any time you realize any piece of yourself is OK just the way it is, that a celebration of creation.

Husbanks and I have many memories of time with David as our Senior Pastor, and most of them have a soundtrack attached. Thank you, David.

  1. #1 by ellie on June 2, 2010 - 7:40 am

    That baby of yours is going to be so beautiful, coming from you and Husbanks. (I know that’s not at all related to this post, but I just love the pic of you guys and your pastors.)

  2. #2 by tarathronson on June 6, 2010 - 7:46 pm

    Fabulous post…David is the best. Love the post and pics.

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