South Texas Wedding

Saturday, Ryan and I drove south to the Rio Grande Valley for Beka’s wedding. We are family friends with Beka’s family, and the party was a fabulous affair. We even got seated with the hosts at the reception (woo fancy). The food was delicious authentic Mexican and Ryan and I enjoyed seconds. But don’t worry – we danced for about four hours straight to burn it off. 

The wedding was at the Matriarch’s house (Memaw). In Memaw’s backyard, three miles from the border, in front of her family’s South Texas sugar cane field, granddaughter Beka and her groom Scott read the vows they chose themselves in front of the bride’s sisters as the Mother-of-the-Bride conducted the service. Three generations of powerful women sharing an intimate moment surrounded by the land from which they came.

Our ministers (read: parents of the bride) provided an honest, hilarious, and spiritual service, complete with the music of The Beatles.

All you need is love. Congrats, Beka and Scott!

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