Our Father Was A Doctor

None of us became doctors. And I don’t know if anyone was waiting for us to become doctors because I am the youngest. When I started to understand things like “decisions,” I feel like Greg and Keri were already making serious decisions, so I don’t remember their when-I-grow-up formations or influencers.

None of us are doctors but all of us did decide we had the same passion: writing. Keri and I studied English and journalism. Greg is aspiring to be a published author and I am in the middle of my brother’s first novel. It is amazing to read fiction from your brother. As I read, I am reading two stories in my brain. I read his narrative – the mysterious and complex story he has woven. But in my brain, I am reading my brother writing a story.
Who is that character … Is that Dad?
Oooh – I think that the missing wife is Misti.
Is the protagonist Greg?

Last night, I started a philosophy class at Austin Seminary on narrative pedagogies. What is the importance of a story? Why tell a story? Why write a story? Why teach through storytelling? What is lost when we all have different stories? What is a tragedy? What is happiness? What story does Christianity hold? Is it diverse enough to hold all stories within it?

What leads us to our decisions? Why does my family have a story to tell?

Can’t wait to tell you about what I learn, dear blog reader. We started the class by writing haikus if that gives you any indication of how excited I am …

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