Two for Twenty

There are few things less “Austin” than eating at a chain restaurant. Well, maybe not less Austin than knowing how to drive on ice or appreciating Sarah Palin. But other than those things, eating at a chain restaurant is met with premiere disgust.

Oh, but I plan to embrace it because it’s funny.

A couple months ago, Ryan and I went to the Three courses for $20 at Chili’s on a Friday night. The parking lot was empty. I grew up in a suburb and Chili’s was overflowing every Friday night. This seemed strange.

We laughed at ourselves the entire meal. I mean … we were dining on an ingenious marketing scheme. At Chili’s. It’s funny!

After Ryan and I ate cheese fries, sliders, a brownie, and a sugary margarita that was more expensive than our meal, we felt disgusting. I think we might be done eating at Chili’s, no matter what deals they throw at us.

This week, the Husbanks household received the “Dinner for Two Starting at $19.99″ flier from Johnny Carino’s. Oh marketers, I know your games. And I won’t let you win!

Tonight, we will go with Stacie and Kyle to Johnny Carino’s with our flier and find out what is exactly $19.99. Even if it’s two bowls of plain noodles in noodle water.

We will order tap water to drink, eat our noodle water noodles and refuse – REFUSE – to be upsold.

It’s going to be legendary.

  1. #1 by Husbanks on January 22, 2010 - 11:49 am

    I might not be able to say no to the bowtie festival…I’m just saying. It had better be $9.99, or I’m going to be upset.

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