Things I Learned at The Block Party

Last night, our neighbor hosted a block party. It is amazing how many neighbors you don’t meet because you have a garage. You can just go from your car to your house and you don’t have to talk to anyone. Here are the things I learned about my street:

1. Our street is musical. Drummers, singers and pianists abound.  The block party host is a pianist at the 6th Street Pete’s Piano Bar. He wheeled his piano out for requests.

2. Our street is dog-friendly. Puppies were welcome to par-tay. 

3. Our street has only one thing more than puppies: children. Lots of tots.

4. Our street is smart. Engineers and physicists aplenty. Two of them research sonar. All of them play Ultimate Frisbee. None of them think I am funny.

5. Our street is friendly. I should … get out of my garage more often.

  1. #1 by tarathronson on October 7, 2009 - 11:59 pm

    Pete’s piano bar player – that is an AWESOME neighbor to have. You should have a sing-a-long party at his house. How fun!

    Your smart neighbors are lame, you are funny, just ask Justin.

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