Weddings and the like …

Saturday is my cousin’s wedding back home. I love his fiancée. She is smart and pretty and classy. Look at the happy couple in the Oklahoma Brides magazine!


I used to be in weddings every other weekend (results here and similar results here).

As I rapidly grow older, weddings are few and far between and they are a blast. They mean more to me each year. I’m starting to understand why my mom went crazy over every detail of my wedding – weddings are important. They bring family together. From weddings you get the pictures that stay on your coffee table. You get the pictures you use to show new friends your “Aunt Hazel” and “Grandpa.” They create infamous stories like “The tropical storm almost ruining Will and Ellie’s wedding,” “The placement of the DB,” “Morgan almost died before Deirdre picked her up,” “Someone gave your party favor to the church garage sale?,” and “The rowdy table 3.” And they create memories with your family that you will cherish and remember forever.


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