I’ll take a bag

A hometown legend has gone out of business. Randy’s M&M’s closed its doors on Saturday.

Randy’s M&M’s (Music & Movies) started in Edmond in the 1980s and sold records, VHS movies and Beta Max movies. They continued through the years selling cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs and video games. Randy’s brought Indie rock to central Oklahoma and gave local artists a place to sell their albums. Now that people can get music and movies delivered straight to their computer anytime, anywhere … good ol’ stores like M&M’s can’t survive. In the 1990s, someone dropped a bomb in the night movie drop – and Randy’s even survived that. But the convenience of the Interwebs? This would prove to be the end.

I went to their liquidation sale on Saturday – couldn’t believe it!  The yellow M&M’s brand is something Ellie, me, and other Edmondites saw all the time. After I checked out, they asked, “Do you need a bag?” Usually, people refuse the disposable bag and just stick things in a reusable one. But I just had to get that bright yellow bag for the very last time. How many movies have I carried home in that yellow bag?  Lots and lots.

Thanks for the entertainment, Randy’s M&M’s!


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