Just grab a movie …

Husbanks had one of those summertime colds where you have a fever and sore throat and live in your bedroom. I had to do the hardest thing you have to do when supporting your partner ‘in sickness.’

I had to pick out a movie for him.

“Just get something action,” he croaks.

I don’t know what action movie is good or bad. I don’t know how many guns or explosions or breasts need to be on the cover for me to know the storyline is interesting. I don’t know the good action stars. Is Bruce Willis still tough? How do I know which movie will have the best plot?

Then I realized, it doesn’t matter about the plot. When a man is sick, they want to watch a movie where they don’t have to think … just like when a lady is sick.  Ladies want an easy romantic comedy. We don’t want to think when we are sick.  Just find some pretty actress we like with a cute actor we crave and bring it home (with ice cream).

So ladies, next time your man is sick, don’t sweat while in line at the RedBox.  Act like you would if picking out a RomCom for yourself – little disgression.  Remember this rule:

 Action is to boy
Romantic Comedy is to girl

If you still find it hard to follow that equation, just go to the “Action & Adventure” section, shut your eyes and point. You’ll probably make a better decision if you don’t psych yourself out. 😉

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