My haiku for yesterday …

Emotions from court
California makes us sad
Sonia gives us hope

  1. #1 by Dawkins on May 27, 2009 - 7:58 pm

    Love it. This even tops your haiku on the Iowa ruling. So, I’ve updated my Reasons I Want to Be Hilary list. Here’s the new and improved version:

    10 Reasons I Want to Be Hilary

    1. She wrote this haiku.

    2. She drinks her coffee black and her tea unsweetened.

    3. She once had a new year’s resolution to be a better daughter, sister, and friend, even though she’s already an amazing daughter, sister, and friend.

    4. She rides her bike to work.

    5. She has a cool hippie husband that she is madly in love with.

    6. She is giving and thoughtful, strives to be a good person, and can make anyone laugh.

    7. She has a wrap that can turn into 12 different articles of clothing.

    8. She’s active in her church, but never judges, is surprisingly liberal, and gets my marijuana jokes.

    9. She visited 8 countries last year.

    10. She used the phrase, “coding whore” multiple times in a conversation with our VP of marketing.

  2. #2 by hilstreet on May 27, 2009 - 9:17 pm

    I want to be you too!

    10 reasons I want to be Dawkins
    by Hil

    10. She is a great photographer.

    9. She loves her two boys and is uber-devoted to them.

    8. She is more spiritual than religious people.

    7. She is a very loyal person: she is certain of what she likes and dislikes (i.e., Jennifer loves her Jetta, Jennifer dislikes eating meat).

    6. Carbon Footprint of 18!

    5. She is a great dresser and doesn’t need to wear makeup.

    4. She can (and does) edit anything in front of her. She is probably editing this list right now.

    3. She never shies away from being direct. She won’t waste your time.

    2. The only thing she dislikes more than Twitter are the “tw” puns resulting from it.

    1. She knows everything about tea.

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