Things I learned camping …

Cacti are annoying!  So are gnats.

Sofia sparkling wine (in a can) is the best camping alcoholic beverage.  Thanks for the tip, Saltimbocca!  Sofia (in a can) comes with an expandable straw, so it’s easy to drink at your campsite.  And it’s sparkling, so you feel like your prissy-city-self again, even though you are covered in sweat and just peed in the woods.

When you hike with your border collie for six hours straight, he becomes the sweet, patient, obedient dog you want him to be.  He carried his water into the campsite without complaining. Hollis is a good dog.

The VIP award goes to the Charles-Schwab-lunchbox cooler.  Small enough to put in your backpack, this cooler kept our beverages cool throughout the night with just two small bags of ice. 

Hollis watched out for us while we slept, growling at anything that came close to the two-man tent.  That was a tight squeeze.

Watching Hollis be super happy was the highlight of the trip. 

After camping and eating primarily dehydrated meats and fruits, nothing tastes better than that cup of coffee at the Fredericksburg, Texas German diner on your way home.

Hollis and Ryan at Enchanted Rock

hiking to campsite

Hollis loving the tent


Hollis and me enjoying the sunset


Hollis and me … and some rocks. I think it’s rude Hollis didn’t offer to take any pics of Ryan and me.

Hilary, Hollis and some rocks

Do you want to be fit? Do you want to be confident in the great outdoors? Do you want to hike with ease? Do you want a pretty, happy dog? Get a Nalgene!

Hollis and Ryan

  1. #1 by Lacy on May 26, 2009 - 8:51 pm

    I’m so glad you managed to find your “prissy, city-self” while camping in the woods. And glad you passed on the wine in a can tip to me. Do you think drinking wine in a can through a straw will be helpful while on the playground with my twins? It’s like an adult sippy-cup, don’t ya think? 😉

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