When did we grow up?

My aunt and some of her friends came to town last weekend.   I didn’t know what to expect, my Aunt only communicated to me about her plans and arrival time via cryptic text.  Baby Boomers have iPhones, y’all!

When they arrived, they told me where they wanted to go (some Austin usuals: The Oasis, the Capitol, and Magnolia Cafe).  I loaded them into the Honda and off we went.  On Saturday morning, I biked to pick-up kolaches for breakfast because my aunt’s friends had never experienced this Czech delicacy!

The next day all the ladies were so rested and calm.  “It is so nice to have someone drive us around!”

I realized that our parents and Aunties made life easy for us–driving us around and getting us kolaches–for a couple decades.  I have shown up at my Aunt’s door many times with less notice than a “cryptic text.”  Our parents and Aunties fed us and offered us a place to stay many, many times.  I am glad that I could finally return the favor.  We are adults, and have become the generation that hosts Easter dinner and organizes the family Christmas gifts.  Playing this role is not yet familiar … but it is satisfying. 🙂

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