Thanks for your comments.  As my fellow-bloggers know, it’s nice to know if someone is reading your posts – especially one as significant as my last.  Your well wishes mean a lot.

Also thanks to my family.  A wonderful (if not strange) thing about death is the way friends and family come together.  We all supported each other the past two weeks.  It was really nice to see everyone.  Bittersweet, of course, but nice.

Now we are all back at work … trying to make sense of the days we were out of touch with the world.  In reading Twitter updates – I know that Ward got the new iPhone and I see little tweets from Deirdre that indicate my job has kept on trucking without me.  I didn’t come back to mountains of work (I did come back to mountains of problems – but that’s just because solving problems is my job). No really, I am not buried in work because my friends picked up the work.  They carried me over the power point presentations and editor questions and scheduling problems and translation issues to make sure I could land in this spot I am in now.  I really do work with a lot of my close friends.  Thanks for your help, team 🙂

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