Another office funny! Recent e-mails sent to all of Marketing Communications …

May 1, 8:00 a.m.:
Good Morning Everyone, Conference Room #517 has now been renamed to Conference Room #512 going forward. Reminder that if you had scheduled any meetings in room #517 you will need to resend your meeting invite to reflect room #512.

(We were all very confused by this.  We wondered why you would need to change a room number.  Room 517 is right next to room 518.  There was never any confusion about which room was which.  We got our answer before the day was through…)

May 1, 2:00 p.m.:
Good Afternoon Everyone, After several e-mails and questions, I received an answer about the reason behind the switch of Conference Room #517 to Conference Room #512. The answer is: This change was incorrect, and is now in the process of being changed to: #517.
(I love how long it took to get an answer in this e-mail.  It was reality-show style…. ‘We have an answer’ … ‘and the answer is’ …. ‘after the commercial break’ …. ‘nevermind, there is no answer.’  Ryan thinks they should have just stuck to their guns and changed the room name anyway after they caused such a brouhaha.)

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