Bonnie and Clyde!

This morning, I was telling Ryan about the dream I had last night when I heard scraping in the living room.  Of course, Martin had knocked something off the table that Hollis was chewing on.  Before we had the baby animals, life was so simple!  Mercedes minded her own business.  Now, anything a cat can move falls (literally) prey to Hollis’ chewing madness.

They work in together.  Partners in crime.  Martin paws something off the table to the floor at Hollis’ feet, never to be whole again.  Martin will even grab things out from under refrigerator magnets with his mouth.  In that instance, both the wedding invitation/to-do list that was posted AND the refrigerator magnet are lost to the vicious jaws of our border collie.

If you put something out of the dog’s reach, you think it’s safe … but in our house, it’s not.  And Hollis gets in so much trouble when he eats stuff.  Come to think of it … Martin probably laughs.

I think the hardest thing is when they destroy your bills and or store lists.  Store lists can be a product of a week of research.  Gone!

Look at this picture.  Martin looks around for what he can give to Hollis.  Shameful.


Maybe I should just pick up things in my house more?  That’s a thought!

  1. #1 by Ellie on May 1, 2008 - 7:30 am

    I know your struggles. I can’t wait to meet Double Trouble!!

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