Two Left Feet!

A couple months ago I found a great deal at Macy’s – adorable shoes that were 70% off.  They are Chinese Laundry black patent-leather peep-toe flats with an ankle strap.  I mean, super cute.  And for $11.00 – who wouldn’t buy them?

It wasn’t until I wore them that I realized – they are two left feet.  The bottom “shoe part” is correct, so my foot fits.  But the straps are for two left feet.  The $11.00 makes so much sense now!

(I am still wearing them today, for the record)

  1. #1 by Ginny on February 8, 2008 - 10:12 am

    Oh, the Chinese.

  2. #2 by Weslie on February 8, 2008 - 1:48 pm

    Picture! Post a picture!

  3. #3 by mirelesminute on February 10, 2008 - 9:37 pm

    I hope you wear them again. That is really something.

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