The Year of our Lord, 2007

Sorry for the hiatus, folks.  I meant to write a “Hil Street is on vacation” post, but when I realized I had a week-and-a-half break from both of my jobs, I suddenly created an aversion to computers, the internet, and typing.  This aversion could not be overcome.  So I am very sorry that the Holly Street Journal didn’t have a post on Christmas Day.

Opening my laptop required the strength of Hercules. 

So if you e-mailed me – sorry.  I haven’t read it.  It got so bad that I called Tara to ask what one of her e-mails said, explaining that I was avoiding my computer.  I refuse to open my e-mail.

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas.  Now, we are on to 2008 – can you believe it?  My New Year’s resolution is to eat more vegetables.  While I do keep a healthy organic diet (evidenced by the sharp decline of Kraft Spiral Mac and Cheese sales in the early 2000s) we could all use more veggies.

I’m also going to incorporate more free time.  It only took about six panic attacks and fourteen inconsolable crying fits in 2007 for me to realize that some obligations just had to go.  I want more time just to “be.”  Prayer is more meaningful when in a true meditative state, no?   

I want more time to be a good wife, daughter, sister and friend.  This free time in 2008 will include more brunches with girlfriends, more phone calls to Ellie,  more time devoted to the British “The Office,” more time to read, and more time to arrange and rearrange my vast collection of shoes (Suz knows).

But 2007 isn’t gone yet!  2007 was a milestone year.  Ryan and I continued our education.  We earned our undergraduate in marriage.  Mercedes died. My sister moved to Maine.  Ryan grew a beard.  Ryan and I rode mules into the Grand Canyon.  We got a puppy.  We planted a tree.  My cousin returned safely from Iraq.  I started a blog. 

In honor of blogging in 2007, here are the top Hil Street blog posts.

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  1. #1 by Suz on December 30, 2007 - 9:26 pm

    Happy 2008 Hil! (though it’s been Fiscal Year 2008 for 3 months now…hee heee)…I’d like to add an update to the shoe collection and let you know I now own a pair of gold sandals myself! I wish you and Ryan a fun and fulfilling 2008 and I hope that you keep up the posts on my favorite blog. And feel free to post more about Hollis, we’re adding a puppy addition in just a few weeks and you’re an even better resource than the Dog Whisperer!!


  2. #2 by husbanks on December 31, 2007 - 1:31 pm

    Three cheers for 07′. I’ve had better, but I’ve definitely had worse. I’m feeling 2008. It’s going to be a good one.

    Three cheers for Hilstreet. I am very proud of my wife and her witty, insightful and down-right fun blogging.

  3. #3 by ethronson on January 1, 2008 - 5:59 pm

    Hey Hil! (this is Tara on Eric’s log-in). Great resolution! FYI, Eric and I just learned about, they deliver fresh local veggies to your door at reasonable prices.

    My NY resolution is to reduce my usage of plastic bags and disposable coffee cups by using my cloth bags and travel coffee mug more often.

    I’m looking forward to 2008!! You looked fabulous last night! -Tara

  4. #4 by hilstreet on January 2, 2008 - 7:55 am

    You should reduce your use of plastic bags by shopping at Whole Foods, they won’t even let you use plastic bags anymore … shameless plug … glad we could ring in the new year with you!

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